Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Year Later...

...and here I am!  Gosh, I can't believe it's been a year since I've posted a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.  I haven't even been really reading blogs, to be honest!  You know, pinterest and facebook here and there, maybe a blog here or there about fashion or food or a diy project...and that's been about it!!!  Mainly I'm looking up RECIPES (definitely blogs, there!), online shopping (eek!), and looking at stuff for the house!  We moved back in January - to a house with a lot more space and a lot more to be done!  And mainly...I've just been busy...busy keeping up a household, traveling around a bit, and playing with two BUSY (and adorable) boys!  Mills no longer naps, so my "me" time has diminished a bit, and when I have time I have enjoyed not "having" to blog.  That being said, I may try to do so here and there because I have missed it a bit...miss catching up with fellow bloggers, documenting our daily life, and just sharing fun with the blogosphere! :)  So I'm not saying I'm back...been there, done that, haha! But just "hoping" to post a little more...and check in a little more frequently.

To play catch up on my end, I'm going to do a month by month review since I've been gone, just some photos and tidbits of what's been going on over the past year in our lives!  Life is good! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: my boys today

{via iphone}
{my little republican in training and our homemade moon sand}
{night night}

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

sunshine on a cloudy day... with these sweet boys! :)
 {too cute to choose just one!}

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Move along, move along...

If it's not one thing, it's another...isn't that what they say??  Well they're right!  We've been enjoying the last month of our summer around here, loving the commencement of football season, and now we're MOVING!  Yep, that's right!  Not to worry, it's only a mile or so down the road, but a move, nonetheless!  We have a contract on a house, so we've been doing everything that goes along with that - setting up home inspections, appraisals, monitoring some work that's being done there, negotiating, etc...which, in turn, means we'll be selling our current house.  We've only been here for a little over a year, but we've done a lot to this place.  I figured {since I finally got around to taking some pics} I would share with you some before and after photos...because who doesn't love a little before and after comparison, right?!? :)
Foyer before:
And after:
Looking down hallway, before:
and after (opposite direction):
And powder room in hallway..I don't have a before picture, but be glad.  Think 80's floral wallpaper, old/gaudy fixtures and lights, and gross toilet.
The dining room didn't change too much b/c we actually left the wallpaper in that room (the only one), but before and after:
We still have the dining room furniture we bought from the guy we bought our first house in Charleston from, right after we got married, so I'm hoping to get something new soon!

Looking in from the foyer to the den/living know you're jealous of that peach marble fireplace, go ahead and admit to yourself.
Mmm-hmm, that really happened.
Looking back towards front door:
And now, same view...
Former sunroom, which we now use as a playroom:
(this above and this below are the same view...crazy.)
Kitchen before and afters:
Let's cabinet faces/doors, molding, hardware, appliances, subway tile, switched out that lovely fluorescent light, and added under cabinet lighting...  I should have been really professional and moved everything off of my counters for the photos, but let's face it, that's a lot of effort. ;)
Previous pantry was to the right here, with closet-type doors that kept getting stuck:
And we replaced them with french doors:
Looking at breakfast area:
Stairway looked like this:
And we brightened it up a bit:
Upstairs hallway, same shots:
And looking into the powder room at end of hall...
I don't really have a good picture, but we took wallpaper down and replaced lights and fixtures...
Hayes' room was not his color.  Again, these shots are from the same view:
Major difference if you ask me!  And a few more since I haven't shared any pics of his room:
 And now Mills' room before (obviously the previous owners' dog):
And Mills' room now...we used the same theme as his nursery in Charleston (again we did all of this a year ago) - he'll get a "big boy" room when we move.
And the master bedroom...umm, it was a little crowded...
Same shot, much better:
and again:
That door leads to the walk-in closet...forgot to take any photos but it's pretty with a fun chandelier in there.
And the master bath's small as it is, but it needed some attention:
 And now:

 Now back downstairs, to the back porch - which is one of my favorite things about the house.
But it wasn't before...
And now:
Laundry room/storage is right through that door, and this is what it looked like before:
 And after:
 And back to the porch...
Backyard before and afters:
There were lots of dead bushes and "stuff" everywhere.
Much better here:
And we replaced this sweet chain-link fence below with new fence and deck right here:
And this little sidewalk has my sweet babies' handprints and footprints in it. :)

The worst part of moving is that I LOVE our neighbors...that's the understatement of the century.  But this opportunity just randomly came available, and Nicholas assures me a mile won't make a big difference. :)  Plus, we'll have lots of room for family and friends to come visit...and down the road another kiddo or two! :)  I'll keep ya posted!